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Fresh Almond Milk

Peace all! After an exciting year of moving to a new state, being proposed to by the love of my life, and recalibrating with my Dharma; I am happy to be back with you once again in this space to share tips on Yoga, Ayurveda and Mindfulness.

Today I wish to share with you a simple recipe which allows you to make your own fresh & accessible nut milk. As the fiery temperatures of Summer begin to burn off, we too have our own accumulated internal heat to pacify. In Ayurveda, almonds are looked to for their nutritious and cooling properties which soothes down to the deepest layers of our bodily tissue.


-2/3 cup of raw almonds

-4 cups of filtered water, plus approx. 2 cups water for soaking

-dash of Himalayan pink salt or sea salt

That's it!

First, soak your almonds in the 2 cups water for at least 6 hours.

(I like to soak mine overnight)

After almonds have soaked, drain the water and rinse the nuts.

*The next step I will leave up to you to omit depending on the amount of time you have set aside to make your almond milk. Peeling the skin off changes the color of the milk and can make it smoother & creamier. There is nothing wrong with keeping the skin on as the almond skin acts as a prebiotic, promoting good bacteria in the gut, and thereby helping aid in digestion.

I chose to experiment with peeling the almond skin. To remove the skin, pinch the pointy end of the shell and the nut will easily slide out. While removing the skin is easy, it is also time consuming.

I used this step as an opportunity to focus on mindful meditation & deep breathing.

Next, process almonds and 1 cup water using a blender until the mixture becomes smooth. Then, add the remaining 3 cups of water and blend again until the mixture is frothy & smooth.

Strain the milk using a fine sieve or cheesecloth. I used a nut milk bag which I purchased on Amazon which worked great! Once mixture is strained, mix in your dash of salt.

As for the leftover pulp, you may use this to bake with or to thicken blended soups!

Your almond milk will stay fresh up to 3 days in the fridge. Use it for baking, in cereal, or warm it up on the stove & add spices at night for a fresh, sweet treat.

In the light,

Sunshine Yogi

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