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Yogi Surprise! *Kitty not included*

Last year for Christmas my brother gave me the gift of Yogi Surprise. And while I've tried many monthly home delivery boxes, none have ever quite stacked up to this! When opening other beauty/lifestyle boxes I had been gifted, I would find maybe one or two samples I could actually use & the rest would get discarded or given away to a co-worker or friend, but with Yogi Surprise I was delighted by each and every item within the corners of these magical boxes. Not only are they FULL SIZE samples (none of these chintzy tear away samples with 1/8 tsp of product inside) but they are also supportive to my yogi lifestyle. With the holiday's right around the corner, you might consider the gift of Yogi Surprise for that special Yogi in your life (or to treat yourself!) Namaste.

November (Gratitude) Box contents:

-Drape Infinity Scarf for Meditation by Rising Tide II A scarf packed with a whole lot of social responsibility, raising the living standards of artisans in the developing world!

-Pacifica Roll on Perfume Oil (Crystal infused + Plant Powered) II My scent is Cardamom, Pepper & Rose Quartz. Divine.

-Jivana Facial Serum-Ayurvedic Skin Care II The curators must have looked into their crystal ball for this one as they gave me the Pitta balancing blend-- my main Dosha.

-The Batik Boutique Cardholder w Key Ring II Perfect for carrying 'the essentials' to and from yoga class.

-WalBall Massage Ball II I love using massage balls to soothe my muscles by applying them to trigger points & this ball makes it easy to remove knots with its unique no-roll-away design.

-Rickaroons Pumpkin Spice Coconut Energy Bar II This is not your basic energy bar.

& for the cherry on top-- Each box comes with a little Yogi Surprise Sequence card. Each card has a mini yoga pose sequence inspired by the months theme.

In the light,

Sunshine Yogi


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