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While chilly weather is far from my favorite, I do admire how the fall and winter seasons set the perfect environment for inward focus and self-reflection. Windows closed, bundled up in warm, cozy clothes, fire roaring & a hot drink to sip. It seems as though the holiday's were so perfectly placed to be celebrated this time of year. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, we turn our heart's attention towards family, friends & the expression of gratitude. It is said that gratitude is the highest form of positive thinking. In my yoga classes, I remind my students that your "unlimited well of happiness" it already within-- you just have to look inward & tap into it.

For me, the holiday season is a beautiful, glistening reminder to slooooooow dowwwwn. To pause, breathe, & take it all in. A time where we carefully prepare delicious food, gather around a table with loved ones and revel in each other's company. This time of year fills my "gratitude vase" so full it runneth over & I am hope the same goes for you! But how do we infuse gratitude into our everyday lives, all year long? I have a couple practices of gratitude I wish to share with you.

My first practice of gratitude is, every day before I get out of bed I think of something I am grateful for. Immediately starting off my day with the sentence, "Today I am grateful for _________ ," and sometimes a "why" follows, but not always. This simple, thirty second practice really helps to set the tone for my day, no matter what is in store. Sometimes my daily sentence of gratitude become my intention for the day. My word or phrase that I can come to throughout my day when life feels tough or isn't quite going my way. Gratitude brings me perspective.

My other practice is to keep a mini gratitude journal. There is something really powerful about putting your thoughts and words onto paper. You may find a time of day that best serves you to write in your journal and you may choose how much time you would like to designate to writing your entry. Maybe you write just a word or short phrase, or maybe you go into detail about why you are grateful.

Today I am grateful for the gift of friendship as I venture out to celebrate Friendsgiving. They say your vibe attracts you tribe!-And I feel truly blessed to be surrounded by so many kind, strong, brilliant women.

I wish you and your family a very Blessed & Happy Thanksgiving.

In the light,

Sunshine Yogi

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