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In the light,

Recently I felt inspired to share with you a little background on my open & honest journey to Yoga as it correlates to reason why I decided to start this blog. Here is my attempt at a short & sweet version. Namaste.

A little over 13 years ago while living in northern Virginia, I first embarked on my yoga journey. This practice I have come to so deeply live and love was truthfully not love at first sight. I always had a passion for running, kick boxing, plyometrics—the more burn, sweat and out of breath I became, the better! I wanted to be pushed to my limits, because to me, that was exercise (Yes, I am a true Pitta!). However, I was disconnected body and mind which later showed up as injury from running while training for a race. I found that as I began to heal, I needed to find exercise that was low impact. That exercise was Yoga. During my first class and the first time I came to my mat I thought, “I’m going to go crazy just standing here holding a few poses on this tiny mat for an hour!! (Yes, I am also Vata!)”; And while that thought did pop into my mind quite frequently and my mind would race, I kept coming back again, and again, and again. I wanted to give Yoga a chance and am so happy I did. With each time I came back to my mat I found a little more stillness, body & mind.

My journey continued as I went off to college. I found this wonderful hot yoga studio in Blacksburg, VA, right on Main Street downtown. It was my first introduction to hot yoga & I was excited to go because I love to try new things. It was a cold December evening. I was prepping for finals and I was burning the candle at both ends. The exhaustion and stress was taking a toll on me mentally and physically, but I decided to come to my mat where I was led through a 75 min candlelit flow class. It was hard…and hot…and I was soaked in sweat! At the end of class while lying in Shavasana, the teacher came by with a cold towel and pressed it against my forehead. BLISS. When I arrived back home I threw my clothes in the washer and hopped in the shower. As the water began to wash over me it felt incredibly cleansing. Not just physically, but mentally as well. I felt as if my worries were melting and swirling down the drain. My mind was clear and I felt peace. I felt inspired to sit and meditate to savor the stillness I found. I was still learning.

Fast forward to 2013, a few years after I had gradated and a few years in the workforce under my belt, I was blessed to have the privilege of working at a prestigious corporate company in the Greater NYC area. As with many careers, there was stress, anxiety, deadlines, strong personalities, and long hours. In this time, I found sanctuary in a beautiful, small yoga studio just up the street from where I still live. I took class there as frequently as I could. I found Sangha (community), physical strength, and mental peace. There was one Tuesday night in particular that I recall, I was rushing from work to the studio to make it to class (you know, uniting shoe laces and slipping off socks at the stop lights). I hurried in, rolled out my mat and let myself be carried away by the flow of the class. I was moving; I was breathing; I was present. After I sat up from Shavasana, tears started streaming down my face like a broken levee. I felt this immense sensation of letting go, of freedom. It was also in that moment where I decided that I wanted to become a Yoga teacher. I wanted to be able to help others find that same peace & discover the expansive healing of Yoga.


While the physical aspect of yoga was what initially what brought me to this practice... when I dive a litter deeper into my reflection of it, I found it was so much more.

Yoga has taught me Ahimsa, non-harming, to be kind to myself, to my body, to others.

Yoga has taught me patience.

Yoga has taught me to breathe.

Yoga has taught me that not all words or actions deserve an equal reaction.

Yoga has taught me to fall in love with the present moment, or to at least “be with it” when times are tough.

Yoga has taught me to let go.

Yoga has taught me a boundless amount of things.

And one of the best parts, I will forever be a lifelong student on this journey in and of Yoga. Never stop learning, never stop growing.

In the light,

Sunshine Yogi

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