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Fall-ing for Vata

In Ayurveda, the sister science of Yoga, we identify three mind/body constitutions (aka Doshas) based on the five elements. Kapha, reflecting the qualities of Water & Earth; Pitta, reflecting the qualities of Fire & Water; and Vata, reflecting the qualities of Air & Space. Each of these doshas are a special concoction of mental, physical and emotional characteristics which also correlate with the seasons.

Vata is welcomed by the Autumn season. This dosha governs all movement in the body & mind. So, as the winds pick up and the air cools, you may find yourself feeling a bit more anxious or un-grounded (Don’t feel alone—You’re not!). The start of Fall is an important time for self-reflection and a great time to identify a few things in your life that you are ready to part with. Just as a tree parts with its leaves to welcome new growth in the Spring, we too must also go through the same seasonal process of L e t t i n g G o. By mentally separating from those few toxic habits/relationships/thoughts, we create the open space to nurture ourselves during the winter. Freeing up your calendar and protecting time in your day to relax & rest will be particularly supportive to you this time of year.

As for physical imbalances, your skin my begin to feel dry and rough. As one of the elements of Vata is “Cold”, wearing warm clothes proper for temperatures outside and avoiding time spent in the wind will help balance any negative physical and mental imbalances Vata may bring. The act of Abhyanga (self massage with oil) using Sesame Oil (aka “The King of Oils”) or Castor oil will restore moisture to the skin and may also calm & soothe the mind.

So make like a tree and leaf your worries behind :) !

Revel in this season of crisp apples, colorful foliage and cooler weather.

Make time to rest.

Make time to rest.

Make time to rest.

In the light,

Sunshine Yogi

P.S. A few of my favorite Vata balancing oils you might want to try, are Sky Organics Castor Oil & Bayan Botanticals Sesame Oil.

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