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"Breathe. You've Arrived."

If you ever had the incredible chance to have spent time at Kripalu, you are well familiar with my post title. The clearly marked sign that welcomes you, just as you make your way towards this spiritual safe haven & that automatic cleansing exhale breath that accompanies. That is that same feeling that describes this moment as I published my first blog post. I have been praying, dreaming and manifesting of this visual, tangible way to connect with other people who are curious to learn about or already love the practice of Yoga. I invite you to join me on my yoga journey as I share with you my own thoughts and experiences on Yoga, Meditation, Ayurvenda, the importance of Sangha (community) and everything in between! May we walk on this path together and dance in the joy & light life can bring. Namaste, sunshine yogi

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